Interior designers have the knack to take a simple room and turn it into something amazing.  You must possess particular skills in order to bring together a room with a mix and match of materials, furniture and colour. However, not many people can afford to employ an interior designer, which is why this guide will provide you with some tips to design and organise your spaces that any interior designer can create. Soon you will realise that you friends keep pestering you to get in touch with your interior decorator.

 Design inspiration

Just flipping through interior design magazines, which are available at any bookstore, can inspire you. Sign up on Pinterest where many designs created by designers are shared. You may even come across famous interior design companies and their work being shared too. Once you collect all the designs you will be surprised that you have the designs you have always been in love to create.

 Colour patterns

So you have collected your designs? The next agenda is the colour schemes. The colours you choose are personal to you and will create the mood along with the style you have chosen. Always choose three colours or shades. For example, have one wall painted in one shade, another colour for the large furniture and a third colour for all the accessories in the room. This will make all three colours pop.


Colours and textures will bring about a warm and rich environment and pleases the eye. Textures can bring about a sophisticated look to the room you are designing. If you are family with children and pets, it’s best that you stick to light cotton sofas or a dark leather sofa.

 The big statement

You can make a big statement by using one big piece of furniture such as a big sofa, armoire or a dresser. A combination of large and small furniture is the key to success to creating a balance space. This rule applies to the accessories that you use too.

 The accessories

The accessories that can be used in part of your home are platters, decorative vessels and baskets. You can place loose objects that need a particular place in any of these to highlight both sophistication and organisation. You can always research an commercial interior design and see what they recommend or go along with objects you want to place in your home. To add a bit of glamour, add a touch of gold or silver, a few of candles or a tiny vessel of colour stones. Using a tray to keep all your bathroom items will look like a work of art.


Noticed the flowers placed in all the designs you collected? It is a very simple idea but it’s one that will finalise the style of the room. Fresh flowers will be ideal, as they will bring a fresh scent to your space. You can use twigs or feather in a big pot if you don’t want to use fake flowers.

 If you doubt the designs you have created, take a photograph and have a look. A picture will speak a thousand words and you will see the interior designer within you.

How To Make Your Home Look Like You Hired A Designer

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