The traditional wedding package has always included the services of a professional cameraman or camerawomen. He or she is tasked with taking photos of the event – from the most important events to the mundane but memorable events of the day. However, nowadays, it seems that the trends have changed when it comes to the use of a professional cameraman at weddings: whilst they are still used, there is one more addition, the photo booth. With the presence of a backdrop and a camera pod, the photo booth has become an absolute addition to almost any event today, and it seems that weddings are no exclusion to the rule. Below are some reasons why you should also book a photo booth for your big day!

  • Your cameraman can’t take photos of everyone – let us face the obvious truth: despite how much the photographer may attempt to take photos of everyone in attendance, this seems like a herculean task if the guest list numbers over a two hundred or so. Plus, there are always a number of guests who simply dislike being photographed, or there is that one guest who somehow always misses the photographer for the entirety of the day. A photobooth is basically a fixed station that is available to everyone, so you can make sure that there is at least one snap of the guests, because even the shyest ones will get dragged to the booth at one point or the other.
  • The guests get a copy – the other very popular reason why instant photo booth rental Singapore have become very popular in recent years is that of their ability to give multiple physical copies. Nowadays, keeping physical copies of photos is not very normal – everyone has their photos on their phone. The photo booth, however, prints out a copy of the photos taken within a minute, whilst also providing a digital copy of the photos (at no cost to the guests!). This means that both you and the guests will have physical and digital copies of the photos.
  • Taking photos is an event itself – today’s generation has been fixated on taking photos, especially selfies and group selfies. Accordingly, taking photos today is not simply about creating memories for a later date, but it is also an activity of the moment itself. The use of props, caption cards, green screens, together with weird poses and other additions can easily liven up the photos, and make for memories that the photos itself may not provide.
  • The guestbook – and finally, the photo booths today come with a guest book, where a copy of the photos are pasted together with a message from each guest. This can easily fill up the book with short but sweet messages from everyone who attended your wedding.
Is The Cameraman Enough At Your Wedding?

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