There are many exciting sites and places for travellers, scientists and explores to visit these days. The opportunities and the means to visit some of the exotic places are also numerous. When it comes to exotic marine life, some of the best can be seen in the Western Pacific Ocean. The area is known for clusters of islands and some of the best diving spots in the world.  Not only is the location teeming with life, there are many types of underwater swimming and exploration on offer these days as well.

Ship wrecks: this is a type of recreational activity where wreckages of ships, drowned aircrafts or even manmade artificial structures are explored. Liveboard diving in Coron, in the Philippines is a greatly reputed site for such exploration. It is said that there are several WW2 Japanese battleships that can be viewed. Explorers can expect to find a wide variety of coral and other forms of micro life thriving on these leftover remnants of war.

The not so ordinary: life at the depth can sometimes be very weird and ugly as well. But if anyone is to really understand the life forms that thrive in the murky waters, one has to explore them carefully. And this type of swimming or diving involves going beyond the coral reef and the shallows.

Scraping the sandy bottom: great marine life is not only found while snorkelling or looking at the corals only. There are some people who like to travel to see the sediment filled sea beds that are teeming with life. However, this type of diving requires specialised skill and training. It also requires patient exploration as many of the creatures that live down there are wonderfully camouflaged.

Macro photography: another spectacular form of exploring life underwater is to look through a macro lens. And Palau dive resorts in Micronesia has some of the best facilities on offer for travellers, photographers and explores alike.  This form of swimming is greatly enjoyed by muck divers and people who are looking to explore the depth, or the sea beds. Many types of micro organisms, shrimp, jelly fish and even strange looking critters can be easily captured through a macro lens.

Offshore exploration: this form of exploration involves living and moving from place to place from a boat or yacht. It is great to access some of the most remote islands found in this area. Because the vessels come fully equipped, travellers have the freedom to choose the type of exploring they like to do.

Sharking: this form of exploration is specifically to view sharks up close, and many of the archipelagos are teeming with many kinds of sharks. Thresher sharks and whale sharks are some of the coolest and most looked for fish in these seas.

So the next time when planning for an island vacation in the pacific, look out for resorts that can accommodate these and explore some of the best the sea has to offer.

Types Of Underwater Exploration

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